About me

I am a multidisciplinary professional. Technician specialized in IT management and certificate in Database Administration, let’s say that computer science has been my profession for many years and it still is today. But I’ve always had concerns about everything related to creativity, sports and learning new things.

For this reason I had a business related to the urban fashion sector for more than 8 years in which I was able to know what was “cooked” in graphic design and professional urban fashion.

I am passionate about sports, black music, mainly the RAP, of which I edited an album in Spanish in 2006, I consider myself an animalist, I like the abstract expressionism that I have done in this field. And I consider it essential to train throughout life.

This concern has led me to study the degree of graphic design and digital creation at a distance at the UOC, a degree I am currently pursuing and whose aspiration after finishing it is to devote myself to design professionally, even if it is part-time. But I’m not in a hurry. I like doing what I want when I feel like it.

This multidisciplinary capacity allows me to develop highly creative projects with management and leadership skills with the mission of facilitating the interaction of diverse disciplines in order to achieve excellence throughout the life of any product or service. efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the process and the human resources involved.

I present this portfolio with the initial idea of ​​sharing the work I have done and I am doing with the aim of learning and improving day by day.

“I firmly believe that as designers we are responsible for the processes of exclusion when designing products that favor social exclusion and therefore, we are undoubtedly also an active part of the solution. In short, design must provide quality of life to consumers of it. “

Kiko García Colacios